Use of Inhaler

Asthma Medications (Rescue Inhalers and Controller)

Rescue Inhaler Medications:

These medications are to be used ONLY while experiencing asthma-related symptoms, and can be used every 4-6 hours until the symptoms resolve. A child or an adult with a history of asthma MUST have access to these medications at all times. This group includes medications used by nebulizers (Albuterol, Xopenex) and in the form of various inhalers (Albuterol HFA, ProAir HFA, Proventil HFA, Maxair Autohaler, Ventolin HFA, Xopenex).  Inhalers are prescribed medications, so it’s important never to use inhalers prescribed to another person.

Controller Medications:

These medications reduce asthma-related inflammation in the lower airway and give the most benefit when used on a daily basis. Please use them every day as recommended, even when there are no asthma symptoms. Below you will find a list of common medications.  (Please note that not all medications for asthma-related symptoms are on the list.) 

Pulmicort / Budesonide

Oral ingestion:
Singulair, Accolate, Zyflo, Theophylline

Advair, Aerobid, Alvesco, Asmanex, Azmacort, Dulera, Flovent, Pulmicort, Qvar, Symbicort


**Inhalation controller medications are delivered to the lungs via different types of inhalers, twisthalers, flexhalers and diskus. Some of them need to be used with a spacer. Please follow the instructions we provided while explaining your inhaler and its proper use.

We recommend rinsing the mouth and gargling the throat after using any of these controller inhaler medications. Please ask us to review the proper use of your daily medication and inhaler, if you are unsure or unclear on its usage for any reason. The proper use of controller medicine is essential for long-term improvement of asthma.

If you have questions about your inhaler or are deciding whether inhalers may be right for you, come see Dr. Atul Shah. The Center for Asthma & Allergy in Shirley and Centereach, New York and has proudly served Suffolk County for over 15 years. The staff is dedicated to welcoming new patients in a friendly, patient-first atmosphere. Please contact Dr. Shah’s office at 631-446-1436 or 631-395-5464 for a consultation to discuss all of your symptoms with our Board Certified allergy & asthma specialist.

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