Allergen Immunotherapy

What Is Allergen Immunotherapy? (Allergy Vaccines or Allergy Shots)

People who are allergic to indoor and outdoor environmental allergens have the option to get relief through allergen immunotherapy. Currently, medical professionals who conduct allergy testing, such as Dr. Atul Shah of The Center for Asthma & Allergy, are prescribing different forms of drug free alternatives for their patients. One such form is allergen immunotherapy, more commonly referred to as allergy shots.

Allergen immunotherapy has been very effective for helping people who have environmental allergies related to allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis, sinusitis and allergic asthma. Allergy skin testing must be done by a trained allergist to determine the contents of allergens, their dose and the frequency of the treatment regimen. The goal of immunotherapy is to develop tolerance to these allergens by receiving them in gradually incremental doses over a few months’ time. The majority of patients experience significant long term relief and are able to stop or reduce the reliance on allergy medications. Dr. Shah is a Board Certified asthma and allergy specialist who can provide both diagnosis and treatment for your allergic disorders after conducting specific allergy testing.

Allergy testing may include skin tests and or blood tests. It’s important to make an appointment with Dr. Shah to discuss any perceived allergic reactions before proceeding directly to allergy testing.

For allergy testing with a world class allergy diagnosis and treatment specialist, come see Dr. Shah. The Center for Asthma & Allergy in Shirley, Long Island, New York has proudly served Suffolk County for over a decade and is always welcoming new patients. Please contact Dr. Shah’s office at 631-395-5464 for a consultation to discuss any allergic reactions you may have experienced.

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