What Is Urticaria?

Urticaria are raised, red welts that appear on the surface of your skin, more commonly referred to as hives. Urticaria is a symptom and may be related to various allergic as well as non allergic causes. Urticaria may also be accompanied by angioedema, a swelling underneath the skin as a result of an allergic reaction. If hives are of less than six weeks duration, it is considered as an acute urticaria. When the off and on hives persist beyond six weeks, the term chronic urticaria is used. People suffering with acute urticaria or chronic urticaria may find that their symptoms exacerbated by:

  • Indoor allergens (dust mites, pets)
  • Medications
  • Foods and food additives
  • Pollen
  • Insect bites

Some cases of urticaria may be brought on by stress, excessive perspiration, underlying disorders and illness or infections, so it’s important to seek medical attention if your symptoms persist. If the acute urticaria is part of a severe allergic reaction, including the anaphylaxis, it is a medical emergency.


Chronic urticaria usually affects the quality of life and may require multiple courses of prescription medication for the most effective treatment. World-class allergist Dr. Atul Shah is an expert in identifying the causes of urticaria as well as in easing or eliminating symptoms of urticaria and chronic urticaria, so if you are suffering, don’t wait, call for an appointment today.

The Center for Asthma & Allergy in Shirley, Long Island, New York has proudly served Suffolk County, as well as patients from across the country and around the world, for over a decade. Please contact Dr. Shah’s office at 631-395-5464 for a consultation to discuss all of your symptoms with Long Island’s premier allergy & asthma specialist.

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