Contact Dermatitis

What Is (Allergic) Contact Dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that occurs when a person comes in contact with an allergen or an irritant. Reactions for contact dermatitis vary from person to person. On occasion, contact dermatitis may be a reaction to a substance that you are exposed to repeatedly. The most common triggers for contact dermatitis are:

  • Poison ivy, sumac and oak, or other toxic plants
  • Metals
  • Certain prescription or over-the-counter medications
  • Detergents or soaps
  • Adhesives or solvents
  • Particular fabrics
  • Rubber or latex
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances, such as perfume or cologne

Allergic contact dermatitis is similar to contact dermatitis in that it presents with an inflammation of the skin. Allergic contact dermatitis, however, occurs when you come into contact with substance to which you have already developed an allergy. Allergic contact dermatitis may cause rashes or sores. Though contact dermatitis may present immediately, allergic contact dermatitis may take up to 48 hours to appear, depending on the extent of your allergy. We offer the Allergen Patch test to identify the cause of contact dermatitis. Once identified, it’s avoidance usually gives a long-lasting resolution of the rash.

For information and treatment options for individuals suffering from (allergic) contact dermatitis, come see Dr. Shah at The Center for Asthma & Allergy in Shirley, Long Island, New York. We have proudly served Suffolk County, as well as patients from across the country and around the world, for over a decade. Please contact Dr. Shah’s office at 631-395-5464 for a consultation to discuss all of your symptoms with Long Island’s premier allergy & asthma specialist.

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